Application of high-pressure food washing machine in the catering industry

Application of high-pressure food washing machine in the catering industry

The application of high-pressure food washing machine in the catering industry: food for the people, food is essential in our life, high-pressure washing machine plays a very important role in the process of food processing and cleaning, it can not only remove the barrel kettle, mixing tank Grease on conveyor belts, evaporators, heat exchangers and also removes dirt and debris present on them. The production equipment for processing food processing is very clean and non-polluting, has no effect on food processing, can improve the efficiency of food processing plants, reduce cleaning costs, and ensure environmental protection and health.

High-pressure cleaners are now widely used: in a variety of industries, including industrial, commercial and residential cleaning.
Is the pressure higher the better? When using a high-pressure cleaner for cleaning, we can't mistakenly think that the higher the pressure of the washer, the better the cleaning effect. Generally speaking, the higher the pressure, the requirement for the performance of the component and the sealing of the device, and the corresponding increase is required. As a result, the cost is increased, and thus, when the high-pressure water jet is cleaned, It's not that the higher the pressure, the better. In addition, once the pressure is too high, when the jet is sprayed onto the surface of the cleaning object, it is likely to cause splashing of water, which will cause adverse effects on the cleaning work, thus offsetting the effect of water pressure. It is possible to atomize the water, resulting in not only a reduction in cleaning efficiency but also a cleaning effect that is not ideal. When cleaning, the required pressure should be comprehensively considered according to the specific requirements of the work and the nature of the dirt on the surface of the cleaning object and the degree of cleaning. The required pressure is relatively scientific and reasonable. Nowadays, when the high-pressure water jet is cleaned, the required pressure is determined by the experimental method and the analog method.

What kind of water inlet pipe is used for high-pressure industrial cleaning machine? The high-pressure water pipe of high-pressure cleaning machines has always been a relatively high-loss fitting, which has a great impact on the cost of machine use. Therefore, the maintenance of high-pressure water pipe should be paid attention to. If used and maintained properly, it can be used for a relatively long period of time, saving money and reducing costs.

With the continuous development of the industry, the environmental requirements are getting higher and higher, the use of high-pressure cleaners continues to expand, especially in the field of industrial cleaning, has become the preferred equipment for industrial cleaning, and is widely promoted and used.

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