Ways to Improve the Life of Textile Motor Bearings

Ways to Improve the Life of Textile Motor Bearings

Bearings are vulnerable parts among various parts of electric motors. To improve product quality, the following measures can be taken to increase the service life of motor bearings:

1. Improve the machining accuracy of the end cover bearing chamber and the shaft bearing gear matched with the bearing.

2. Improve the geometric accuracy and dimensional accuracy of the base, end cover and shaft to ensure flexible rotation of the rotor and uniform air gap.

3. Improve the balance accuracy of the rotor and the motor installation and connection requirements.

4. Use new lithium-based grease to improve bearing sealing.

5. Motors above 20kW are equipped with a non-stop refueling and draining structure, and the bearing inner ring is axially fixed with a retaining ring on the shaft.

6. Medium-sized high-speed motors use bearings with a slightly larger radial clearance to compensate for thermal expansion caused by high shaft temperature

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