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Recardo open type diesel generator
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Recardo open type diesel generator

Brand: ZOZHI


this series engine is improved design on the basis of Steyr-Daimler-Puch Company’s technology from Austria, highly specialised in regard of operational safety, environmental protection, power density and cost effectiveness
1)Select the most durable heavy duty materials for the core engine
2)Optimize the fuel and intake system. Exhaust emission reach to EURO Ⅱstandards.
3)Low consumption , compact in its whole structure, light in weight.

Application Fields

Recardo genset  is widely used in office,hospital,factory,municipal administration,power plant,university,recreational vehicles, yachts, home power,industrial, railway, generating equipments and so on It is welcomed by the most of customers

Standard configuration of Recardo open type:

> Recardo engine,Brushless H insulation alternator(others brand for optional)

> Prime Power:15~150kva       Standby Power:17~165kva

> Voltage frequency:400V 50HZ,others for optional.

> Controller:Smartgen HGM7180,others model or brand for optional.

> ATS funtion for optional.

> 8 hours base fuel tank.

> Anti-Vibration Mounted System

> Battery and battery switch

> Industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose

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